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Our Story

We're Paul and Laura Local (yes, that's really our surname!)
Frustrated with a lack of good quality (or any!) Mexican food in Doncaster, Paul and I decided to buy a small trailer in late 2017 and set up our own part time Mexican food business, specialising in producing great quality food, with authentically sourced ingredients where possible.

We LOVED our little trailer and enjoyed attending events and pop ups at local pubs and even street-side.
After doing a couple of kitchen takeovers in our current premises, we discovered it was for sale, so decided to take the leap and buy the lease!

Paul has always had a love of, and passion for great craft beer, so increasing the beer offering was our number one priority, and we are now the only dedicated craft beer bar outside of the city centre. We always support independent craft breweries and have two permanent Brew York lines, and three Thornbridge lines, as well as two permanent Bavarian lagers (Paulaner Helles and ABK Pilsner)

We've just celebrated our 5th birthday and have never looked back - we're looking forward very much to re-introducing the food we started out with, which pairs perfectly with our craft beers!


Our new Mexican menu launches in January 2024 - we'd love you to come along and try our food and great beers!


Laura x 

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